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My journal is friends only. Why? I like to know who's reading what I write. Please add me, then comment to be added back. If you don't comment, I generally won't notice, and won't be able to add you back. Chances are I will add you, so don't be shy! Also, when you comment, please tell me a little about yourself.
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Spooks; Ros - my beautiful queen

no more dreaming like a girl, so in love with the wrong world

These are what came of having a mess around with textures and brushes.  I also finally figured out how to place a gif into an icon. Yay!


[1] Florence + the machine
[1] Revolutionary Road
[1] Transporter 3
[4] Wire in the Blood
[2] Spooks

[1] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [non spoiler]
[1] Wire in the Blood
[5] Spooks

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Spooks; Ros - my beautiful queen

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Poll #1623701 What should I watch?

What should I watch tonight?

Spooks: Series 5.
Spooks: Series 6. (I wonder who'd vote for this option. Then again, there is the AWESOMENESS of Ros and 6.07/6.08.)
Spooks: Series 7.
Spooks: Series 8.
WITB: Series 1.
WITB: Series 2.
WITB: Series 3.
Also, please comment on which episode(s). :D